La Manzanilla Real Estate

~ #059 Everardo ~

Front of house
Located on the outskirts of La Manzanilla with a view of the surrounding mountains. This two level, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home is well placed on 621 square meters of fenced and gated land. I was very pleasantly surprised when I first saw this home, there is attention to detail all over the place and the workmanship is excellent. At the list price of $212,800 (US dollars) it is one of the best deals in La Manzanilla.
Kitchen panorama
Here is a panorama starting with the back door to the bar, kitchen, bathroom, stairs leading to the second level, dining room and front door. The home was constructed to the owners specification by his son in law.
Living roompanorama
This panorama starts just to the right of the front door, see the cut out in the wall with the statue? Next is the living room with a built in couch and a beautiful view of the valley, the back door and the bar. The home comes complete with all the furnishings included!
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