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~ #115 La Luz ~

La Luz is the dream creation of Maria Castelazo. Maria has had this property for years as a garden ranch where organic vegetables, fruits and flowers have and will continue to be grown. Now she has the dream to create a gated community called La Luz (the light) with part of the property with 20 good level lots with easy access approximately 20 meters by 30 meters selling for $600 pesos per square meter (apox $31,000 usd per lot) which includes all extra cost.

The community of La Luz will be special in that it will have

1) Its own trash pick up
2) Underground electrical
3) Its own sewage treatment plant with recycled water for use on plants and lawns.
4) Gated community with its own surveillance.
5) Community organic garden.
6) Lots of existing trees including palms and lemon trees.
7) Beach club access (link to palapa).
8) Granja.
9)Common use areas.
10) the community will be completely fenced with green chain link and plants.
11) Landscaping.
12) Private streets 12 meters wide.
13) Community guidelines for ascetics and comfort like not commercial use.


Front and side of the property as seen from the position of the X on the map below.

map of lots

Map of lots

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