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This is a view of the property from the road going into Boca de Iguanas. From here one can clearly see that these hectares are located on good flat view property.

Hill #1 has one person living on it, there are some hectares there but they are going to be sold as individual lots someday.

Hill #2 is where there is one person living on one hectare (you can see the palapa just below the right red line). Two hectares have just sold but there is at least one or two outstanding hectares left.

Hill #3 does not have a road to it yet, one hectare has sold there with others to be sold once the location of that hectare is determined. Now is the time to get in on this property, it won't be available for long.


This map is a close up of the area, the two hectares that have sold so far on hill #2 are outlined in red. The road which used to run in front of the properties has now been relocated to where the dotted line is to facilitate a more protected view.

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